RVI has been the most professional and organized angel group I’ve worked with. They were very transparent and delivered exactly what they promised, I’d recommend them to any entrepreneur.
— Alan Ringvald, CEO of Portfolio Company Relativity6

Who the heck are we anyway?  Should you ask us for money?

Bad news:  RVI does not accept unsolicited applications.  To be considered by RVI entrepreneurs need a referral from someone in our network.  Don't already have a connection to someone in RVI, well...

Good news: The best way to network into RVI is by taking advantage of either:

  1. The free help, guidance, and resources at Valley Venture Mentors.  They are a nonprofit dedicated to helping startups.  
  2. The free help offered at Investor Office Hours hosted by TechSpring.

We, are...

Profit maximizing investors... just like we hope you will be some day! We understand the risks, potential rewards, and tremendous difficulties involved in building a business. That is why we take a hands-on approach to early stage investing. Our members form strong bonds with company founders; often serving as mentors and sometimes even taking on responsibilities in the emerging companies.  Our portfolio teams gain access to our members' extensive networks, which often prove just as valuable to them as the our capital.

River Valley Investors plays a critical role in the local entrepreneurship ecosystem. RVI and its partners have been the largest source of equity financing for local startups for 10 years. Many of our investors are involved with organizations that get entrepreneurs to the stage where they could seek angel funding, including the Harold Grinspoon Charitable Foundation and Valley Venture Mentors, as well as colleges and universities throughout the knowledge corridor.

Investment Criteria

Our preference is to vet companies seeking 50k-$2 million, with an opportunity for 5-10x growth over the next 5 or so years, from sectors our group has expertise in. 


  1. Reach out to your contact, or email us (if you have a referral). We require you to be referred by someone in our network (no unsolicited applications).  If upon reviewing your request we conclude your company is a potential fit for our group then...
  2. We connect you directly to any members of our group who express interest.  If after speaking with you and doing their homework they remain interested...
  3. We invite you to present to the group at one of our monthly meetings.  If the presentation goes well...
  4. We form a due diligence team.  2-3 months of due diligence is the norm.  Although we have a standard road map based on industry best practices that we often use, deal leads have the latitude to tailor the process to best fit the needs of both the entrepreneurs and investors.
  5. If all goes well it ends in a group of our members writing checks to your company.