RVI Portfolio Company Cambridge Blockchain Announces Private Beta for Privacy-Protecting Identity Platform

On Tuesday the 16th, BusinessWire ran an article about the announcement of a new Privacy-Protecting Identity Platform called IDKEEP being developed by LuxTrust and RVI Portfolio Company Cambridge Blockchain.

Cambridge Blockchain Inc., a pioneer in digital identity enterprise Software, announced the private beta-testing phase for privacy-protecting European identity platform IDKEEP.

Designed to resolve identity and personal-data related challenges faced by many digital service providers — such as banks and financial services, insurance, and healthcare, among others—IDKEEP is a huge step forward towards data ownership and control. The platform provides end users with full control over personal data and over sharing such data with services online, helping digital organizations to effectively manage consent as per GDPR rules and effectively manage validated users’ data, enabling trusted transactions online. In addition, IDKEEP opens a marketplace for data validators who can leverage a network effect of a large customer base, realizing efficiencies and re-use of expensive data validation processes.

RVI invested in Cambridge Blockchain in February of last year.

Read more at BusinessWire here.