RVI's June 15th meeting was replaced with a Pre-Seed Demo Day Event at Valley Venture Mentors (Wednesday June 15th, 4pm, offices of Valley Venture Mentors). The event included included ten presentations:

  • AnyCafe - AnyCafé provides those living an on-the-go lifestyle with a coffee maker in the palm of their hand.
  • GovBizConnect - GovBizConnect is the for government contracting professionals.

  • Lioness - Lioness is the premiere resource for female entrepreneurs. We give women the latest news, tools and resources to launch and scale startups.

  • Name Net Worth - Name Net Worth is a connective platform that leverages trusted relationships, to measure and strengthen your professional networks.

  • NanoTech Galaxy - Healthcare analytics powered by medical images.

  • NEED/DONE - Instant help (for kid & home) from people your parent network trusts.

  • Prophit Insight - Helping to make hospitals more profitable.

  • Social Worker Connect - Connecting Mental health Agencies Patients with Mental Health Agencies.

  • Wine Somme - Wine Somme delivers to wine, beer, & spirits retailers a channels marketing platform that improves customer loyalty and business operations.

  • Wizio - Wizio provides virtual reality to qualify prospective tenants for property managers and brokerages.

MassLive covered the event, and published a short piece available here.