River Valley Investors invests in Valt.io


Western-Massachusetts based angel network River Valley Investors (RVI) completed an investment in a Valt, a Western Massachusetts-based cybersecurity company.

Valt makes it easy for anyone to have a truly secure and unique password for every website they visit, without the impossible task of needing to remember them all. Their solution competes with other password management systems like those from LastPass and 1Password.

“The existing password management solutions aren’t easy for normal people to use, they are products created by programmers, for programmers. Valt’s intuitive solution offers the opportunity to bring strong security to us mere mortals,” said RVI Manager Paul Silva.

Valt CEO Brent Heeringa shares, “Valt is thrilled to have support from investors in Western Massachusetts and looks forward to a strong and fruitful relationship with RVI.”

This is River Valley Investors’ first investment in Valt.