Portfolio Company Pixm Emerges From Stealth

RVI portfolio company Pixm emerged from Stealth Mode…

BOSTON and NEW YORK, Dec. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Pixm, the industry’s first endpoint-based anti-phishing solution, emerged from stealth today with next-gen spear-phishing protection in the company’s flagship solution. Through advanced computer vision technology, Pixm shuts down phishing attacks at the point of the user’s click regardless of their location, device or phishing link source.

Co-founded by Chris Cleveland, CEO, and Arun K. Buduri, President, Pixm was created to address the significant hole that exists in the anti-phishing ecosystem. Today’s popular anti-phishing solutions rely on blacklisting to stop only the already known phishing attacks but do little to address new attacks. Pixm’s solution is designed to detect and shut down a new zero-day phishing attack within the browser at the moment the page is opened in real-time using computer vision.