River Valley Investors completes an investment in SnoopWall

Western-Massachusetts based angel network River Valley Investors has recently completed an investment in SnoopWall, the world’s first breach prevention security company delivering a suite of network, mobile and app security products as well as cloud-based services protecting all computing devices from prying eyes and new threats through patented countersurveillance cloaking technology.

SnoopWall puts confidential information behind firewalls, using award-winning, patented NetSHIELD appliances. SnoopWall technology is able to detect block remote control, eavesdropping and spying.

“Cybercrime is expected to cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021, up from $600 billion today,” said SnoopWall CEO Gary Miliefsky. “Small and medium enterprises generate more than 80 percent of global GDP, and have become the No. 1 target of cybercriminals.”

SnoopWall has recently secured a partnership with Assurant Inc., a global provider of risk management solutions. Through this and other partnerships, SnoopWall’s services are being extended to small and medium size enterprises across the United States.


About SnoopWall:

SnoopWall’s mission is to be a trusted provider of cost effective, proactive security solutions to enhance organizations cyber-risk mitigation strategies. www.snoopwall.com.

About River Valley Investors:

River Valley Investors (RVI) is Western Massachusetts' angel investor network, including successful entrepreneurs and executives dedicated to helping each other find, evaluate and profitably invest in exciting companies with significant growth potential. www.rivervalleyinvestors.com.