RVI Deal Night Lineup for Feb. 17

This week's RVI meeting (Wednesday, 5pm, offices of TechSpring) included four presentations: 

  • Closing Presentations from companies we are investing in.  These pitches are so that more members have the opportunity to participate in the round.

    • Rainbank - Revolutionizing stormwater management with an innovative solution that prevents flooding at a fraction of the cost of current solutions.

    • Food On A Truck/Tursus -  A point of Sale, Backoffice, & Marketing Software solution for mobile vendors, a VVM accelerator grant winner. 

  • Initial presentations to see if we are interested in starting due diligence: 

    • Cambridge Blockchain - A digital ledger offering new and better security for a range online data integrity and security uses.

    • HigherMe - An employment solution for hourly employees especially geared toward the hospitality industry as well as retail.